Time tracking


I want to track a few aspects of my life:

For my projects and work: I care about what it was, how focused I was. Do I care about how satisfied I was, or how long it was?

I don't want to be working on more than one project at a time.

For meditation, I care about how long I did it.

For other activities, I just care whether I did it - watched a movie, played games. If a movie takes up half a day and I work on the rest, how do I show that I used half the available time for projects?

Wellbeing, a lot of these can be binary - happy/not, exercise/not, thinking about others.

Why - want to stay on track, want to become more productive

Column Meaning Values
MF Meditation hours 0
Meditation focus -0+
HPEe Mood, happiness -0+
Physical wellbeing sick, sore, normal, great
Exercise y/n
Eating -0+
Ff Family visit, visited, phone, activity, event, message
A Alcohol 0LMH
L Leisure read, movie, game, other, tv, boardgame, social
FHT Project focus -0+
Project hours 0-9
Project activity type ?
Description Project name
DATE   M F HPEe Ff AL FHT Description
200509 000 +-L= 0a 3b
200508 30- +=L= 0  1      C: textbook
200507 60- ==L- a0 02 -0-
200506 60- ==L- 00 01 ??? ?
200505 60= ==0- 11 01 -1T C: textbook
200504 60= 520= 03 01 =2R Time tracking: ok focus, 1 hour, ideation
200504 60= 520= 03 00  2S Learning C