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A (unused) terminal/MUD look for the site | January 19, 2022

This site was inspired by Arne's Android Arts, cly5m's autofish and Devine Lu Linvega's XXIIVV - sites that are continually added to and pruned away, gradually building up a fascinating repository of their thoughts, art and explorations. I've since heard the term digital garden used to describe this sort of site and like it very much.

The site is completely static and the pages are generated from text files using a simple custom markup. The generator (Pipi) is currently written in Java, but will continue to be rewritten in new languages as I study them at university. It has previously been written in m4, C and I think the original was Ruby. You can browse the source if you are so inclined.

The name Park Imminent comes from a fictional megacorp/zaibatsu I invented for a cyberpunk roleplaying game - a Korean-owned advanced technologies corporation... "Your future is our today."

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