Bukh DV20 ME diesel engine



Can't stop engine

Unlike a petrol engine, a diesel engine does not require electrical ignition for combustion. The compressed air in a diesel engine reaches a temperature high enough to ignite the fuel.

This means that once it's running, it's pretty easy to keep the engine running - it only needs fuel and air.

Removing the fuel line from the intake pump will *eventually* cause the engine to stop, after it's exhausted the fuel left in the pump and lines.

Removing the air supply could be used if the engine is getting fuel from somewhere else (e.g. leaking oil).

*Possible causes: faulty key switch, faulty fuel stop solenoid.*

Component details

Key switch

The key has 5 positions:

Diagram of key positions

The starter should not be used for more than 10 secs, without a rest of at least 30 seconds.

The switch should not be left in the stop position (**e**) because the stop solenoid draws a lot of current and will be damaged. The Bukh manual states that the alarm functions are tested in position position e, not sure what that means... the alarm sounds in position e and... b or c?

The thermostart heats an electric coil in the air inlet manifold which then ignites fuel, so that the air intake is preheated.

Fuel stop solenoid

Stop magnet

Make BOSCH type 0330 101 024

Voltage 12 volt

In case of defects on the stop solenoid, which cannot be repaired, the stop solenoid must be replaced. When mounting a new stop solenoid observe the following:

  1. Tighten the four fixing screws A evenly. At the slightest misalignment due to the tightening the stop solenoid will not work.
  2. The stop button, which is actuated by the stop solenoid, determines the maximum position of the fuel pump control rod. Therefore, it is necessary to check that the distance X, which is adjustable by the nut a, is the same as on the stop solenoid previously used.

This is done easiest by dismounting the stop solenoid together with the cover C.

Also be very careful removing the old one as you need the measurement from the end of the control rod to the base of the adjusting nut to set the new one. Be very careful fitting the new one as any misalignment when tightening the 4 locating screws will cause the unit to jam. from here

Or this...

Replacement parts


Morris Lubricants: I would recommend a product now called Golden Film SAE 30 for this application which is slightly thicker but will give you an API of CC.

Bukh: the engine and gearbox any 15W40 mineral oil that is suitable for heavy duty diesel engines will be fine.


Canal World

Fuel stop solenoid

BUKH Stop Solenoid. BOSCH 0 330 101 024

Diesel Parts Direct: £80.14

Amazon: £118.59

T.Norris: £298.00